Top 12 Compound Microscopes

All kids are naturally curious. It is indeed a god-gifted quality that helps them to explore new things & learn. Curiosity also aids in enhancing their active imagination which, in turn, develops their language skills, as they try to explain everything they experienced. Compound microscopes are the perfect products to add a different dimension to their curious juices.

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They may un-earth that something they thought was round, actually had many angles within. Such discoveries will open an entirely new world to them, helping them understand things better. Thus, by arranging various objects which they can view through compound microscopes, you can create a fun learning activity.

Amazing features onboard

They are compact, carrying different magnification ranges & enable pinion focusing. Their sturdy metal arm is ergonomic & ensures ease in handling. Some have LED illumination feature which provides efficient lighting for the object under examination. They are battery-powered & also include accessories like a pair of tweezers, small magnifier, sample vials, cover slips & plastic scalpel. Many come with a smartphone holder to take photos of the examination object. The specimen can be rotated to enhance omnidirectional observation. Some are offered in a durable hard case that promotes ease of transport & storage.

Give wings to your little budding scientist

Investigating the genius of nature with these biological learning aids can take the classroom teaching to another level. The superior optics can support viewing everything from cells, stems, housefly claws, leaves, fungi, onion skin, to crystals articles.  The students can also capture the fantastic moment in their smartphones & share with family & friends. Some compound microscopes come with a guide that features a step-by-step diagram of using this product to get the best experience. The manual also offers many beautiful suggestions for projects which can reveal a host of gripping details about objects.

Aid for advanced research

Some have the digital imaging system technology that aids in capturing microscopic images & live video on computers. They provide advanced features like extended depth of focus & measuring functions. They are perfect for clinical observation in laboratories. Their eyepiece is user-friendly with a rotatable head for reducing eye & neck strain.