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Building PCs from the ground-up is more of a hobby in today’s world. Doing so requires great knowledge in the field of computers, and obviously the parts to make them. One such part is computer screws. Be it for the motherboard or for side-mounting the SSDs, these are small and handy.

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Computer Screws Buying Guide

A quick look at the components list of a computer will reveal various types of computer screws for different purposes. Computer screws are extremely important for stabilising the parts into the PC case and ensuring a snug fit. This nifty guide will help you shortlist the right type of computer screws for you. 

Whats the Purpose Of The Screws?

There are three types of computer screws popular around the world. #6-32 UNC screws, M3 threaded screws, and #4-40 UNC thumbscrews. Each of these screws is responsible for different parts. The  #6-32 UNC screws are usually used to secure the hard drives whereas the M3 threaded screws are used to screw in the optical drives or the disk drives into the case.

Choosing the Right Material

Choosing screws can also largely depend on the material theyre constructed from. Steel has proven to be the most common material of choice for manufacturing for its sturdiness and durability. But its not the only option, as, depending on your needs of aesthetics, you can buy screws made up of materials like brass plastic to fit in with the theme.

How Many Screws Do I Need?

Relying on the computer build youre going for, youll need a specific amount of screws in order to hold up for now but also serve as replacements. For each of the components inside your PC, you wont need more than 20 screws each. But, since we dont know when you may need a replacement, it is safe to buy a packet with some extra pieces. Manufacturers also commonly make complete PC build kits. In the kit, they include all the screws you will need for building a PC, with extra pieces for replacements.

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