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Motors that provide rotation and torque to aid to the task of rolling in various machinery and household equipment are known as conveyer motors. The smaller ones are used in more common and daily settings while the larger ones are used in commercial machinery. It is essential to choose the right size, build and design which fits your requirements.

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A mechanism used in various personal and commercial applications, conveyor motors facilitate to the reduction in rotation speed, movement through an electrical force and delivery of higher torque and is used in common uses like automatic curtains, doors, conveyors, etc. Aside from the daily household uses, larger variations of these motors can be used in various machinery, especially conveyor belts.

What are they?

The conveyor motors are small mechanisms made of metal and come in varying sizes, the larger sizes often being for industrial or commercial purposes and the smaller sizes being used for personal purposes. The motor uses electricity to rotate the conveyor or the item it is installed for, causing the belt to move or the rolling of curtains, etc.

What are its applications?

The motors are used both industrially and personally. Industrial use motors are more heavy-duty and take up more power consequently. Placement in various machinery, conveyor belts of machinery, conveyor belts in airports and other mechanisms is common. In household use, the motors are smaller and use lesser power and used in automated or remote-controlled curtains, door openers and various other equipment.

What are the pros and cons?

These motors facilitate in smooth functioning and provision of high torque. Other than that they also do not make much noise and have a long life as well as great resistance to wear and tear. Due to being made entirely of metal, they are also sturdy and heavy-duty. They are also quite resistant to higher temperatures. But, like all mechanisms, they consume energy and are expensive. They also require regular checks to ensure the long life of the mechanism.

What factors vary?

The size power intake and capacity to work decide if they are fit for the specific use they are being purchased for or not. The dimensions are also an important factor to keep in mind so that they fit their designated space. The noise emitted is also an important factor especially for motors that are used in daily uses for comfort, especially for homes.

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