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All metals have some amount of resistivity to electrical currents. Among the choice of metals, copper has low resistivity and therefore is an excellent conductor of electricity. All the essential electrical systems make use of copper tubes. Copper tubes are composed of large amounts of pure copper and small quantities of alloying elements.

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Copper tubes are high tensile materials that are a part of every household. They are available in both hard and soft tempers. There is a copper tube to suit every specification, whether a large diameter or small. They also have good plasticity and can be reshaped into any desired form.


The dimensions of a copper tube are in millimeters. A larger copper tube has an outer diameter of 10mm, an inner diameter of 8mm, and a wall thickness of 1mm. Smaller ones have outer diameters of 2mm, and an inner diameter of 1mm. Good quality copper tubes are also lightweight. 

Tensile Properties

The soft coil copper tubes are ductile and can bend to the shape required with ease. These tubes can reshape design into all kinds of semi-finished or finished products by forging. Ideally, a copper tube has a length of 2 meters.


Copper tubes are highly resistant to oxidation and high temperatures, thus ensuring the durability of the material. Copper tubes have a long life. Moreover, the corrosion-resistant property provides longer endurance to materials made of copper tubes.


Copper has high electrical and thermal conduction properties. Hence, the tubes made of good quality copper have these properties too. The copper used for the manufacturing of these tubes is of the highest grade. Adding to the conductivity, the use of copper is a safer alternative to many other metals.


Copper tubes are an essential part of most electrical systems. They find use in generators, switch gears, and other electrical pieces of equipment. Good quality copper tubes find usage to make wires and cables too. They find their use in mechanical systems as well.

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