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A corporate seal is a unique seal belonging to each company that it uses for its official purposes. It is different for every company and an essential part of its identity. The choice of a good-quality corporate seal may depend on a range of several factors. These factors can also differ from company to company.

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Corporate Seals Buying Guide

Corporate seals serve the primary function of embossing a company's official documents with its chosen logo. However, one will find that there are numerous types of corporate seals available in large stationery stores. The power of each seal to emboss a paper is not the same. Hence, the quality of each stamp may also vary accordingly. This buying guide aims to present all the necessary factors one should consider before buying a corporate seal.

Availability Of Different Variants

The most basic seal available everywhere is a handheld plier-type corporate seal. It is lightweight and well-suited for carrying in pockets, suitcases, etc. A desktop plier corporate seal is almost the same as the handheld one, except mounted on a wooden base. It does not take up extra room but also can't fit easily in pockets. Desktop cast aluminium corporate seals can emboss papers up to 200gsm. It is a robust seal that is bulkier than a handheld or desktop plier corporate seal. A deluxe company seal takes the highest spot and is the most preferred choice of professionals.

Specific Features And Details

Stamping quality is one of the main features one looks at while buying corporate seals. Many manufacturing companies use solid metal-dies that is harder-wearing than plastic. Consequently, it leaves a crisp impression on paper and can also be recycled. One also has to consider the dimensions of a corporate seal before purchasing. It includes deciding how large or small do they want their seal. One can quickly get their seal personally-customised by the manufacturer in a particular logo for a company's future use.

Additional Considerations One Might Look At

The quality of a corporate seal also depends on the design and build of the product. Embossing is not the only job of a seal; it's to emboss in a manner that will remain the same for years. Hence, it should be durable and rigid. Corporate seals that use steel in their construction are highly durable. Such high-quality seals will be on the higher side of rates but are undoubtedly worth it.

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