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Correction fluid is a non-transparent liquid usually applied to writing and typing mistakes. One of the most significant advantages of using a correction fluid is the possibility to write over the corrected part. Once the correction is written over the mistake, the correction fluid seamlessly blends with the paper, thereby giving the impression of no errors having been made.

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Correction Fluid Buying Guide

Writing a document or typing an important file involves a lot of focus and concentration. Since one cannot afford to make spelling or other mistakes on these papers, it becomes important to devote undiverted attention to the writing or typing work being performed. However, no human is free of error, and mistakes do happen. But when a typing mistake is made, it was originally necessary to retype the entire document from the beginning. However, with the advent of correction fluids, retyping the whole document is no longer necessary as mistakes can be easily rectified with correction fluids' help.

Why use correction fluid?

Correction fluid is an opaque liquid which can be applied over the writing or typing mistakes, and corrections can be written over the mistakes once the correction fluid dries up. One of the biggest advantages of using correction fluids is its ability to blend with the paper once the fluid dries. Hence, when corrections are made, it will not seem like the corrections were made. Correction fluids do not leave marks or other things that look shabby, nor does it spread the ink when written over, making them suitable for office-grade corrections.

How are correction fluids better than correction erasers?

Although correction erasers were used to rectify mistakes, they are not suitable for professional-grade correction work.  Even if correction erasers are good at removing mistakes, they cannot rectify mistakes in important documents like affidavits and identification papers. The erasure leaves various ink marks and tears the paper, making it necessary to rewrite the entire document. Since corrections made with correction fluids are seamless, they are better for editing important assignments, documents and other important papers. Moreover, most correction fluids are made of paper friendly chemicals, making them completely harmless to the paper quality.

Correction fluid brush vs corrector pens

Correction fluids are available in the traditional bottle-brush form and also in the pen form. While it is up to the buyer to use whatever form is convenient, it must be noted that bottle-brush fluids are better for larger fonts, whereas corrector pens are suitable for smaller fonts.