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Every human undergoes a transition from a crib to a cot at some point, generally as toddlers. Having a cot of one's own and practising a proper bedtime routine and sound sleep from early on is crucial in a kid's development and well-being. However, this transition may leave new parents bewildered, as they may not know what it takes in children's cot bedding. This guide is targeted at all you folks, and we guarantee you that you will have no confusions while choosing to bed for your little one the next time.

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Cot Bedding Sets Buying Guide

Cot bedding has multiple components. Although your little one may not need all of them depending on their liking, your region's climate and your budget, a good bedsheet, blanket and a soft pillow are quintessential for children. Luckily, plenty of brands sell sets of cot bedding, which is a huge timesaving option, and more aesthetically pleasing as all components would match in patterns or colours. 

Bedsheets and pillowcases

Bedsheets and pillowcases for toddlers or young children must be made from natural materials for maximum breathability and comfort. No synthetic material should be allowed till the child grows to become capable of making informed choices. Synthetic dyes and fragrances are also strictly prohibited. Natural materials like cotton are especially great for washing-up, whether manually or in the machine. Generally, sheets that have a higher thread count are preferable unless the specific material does not require much. The bed sheet must fit the bed properly, with ample cloth left for tucking in. The pillowcase must stay snug around the pillow.

Comforter, duvet or blanket?

A comforter is a single-piece, quilted bedding component that is used as a cover. They may be filled with down, wool, features etc. A duvet, on the other hand, works like a pillow, with a stuffed covering and a duvet case or cover. Meanwhile, blankets are basically thick, insulating bed sheets. Your choice of covering must be appropriate for the climate of your region. Most people do not require a comforter unless it is really cold. Interestingly, some people may need two of these three coverings for maximum comfort.

Considering your baby's liking

Though the kind of material and components one chooses for their toddlers are totally an adult decision, not all elements need to be so. For instance, the colour, patterns and designs of the sheets and covers must match your child's taste. In fact, buying bedding with the graphics of their favourite cartoon character or superhero can subconsciously direct them to maintain it well and draw attention to it before sleeping, one way to ensure that the kid reaches the bed at the time sleep well.

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