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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy is a standard treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Therefore, to give the person pressurised air and prevent the airway from collapsing, you need to choose the right equipment to maximise your therapy. It is usually available as a bundle with a mask and heated hose adapters for increased protection

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CPAP Equipment Buying Guide

First of all, the CPAP equipment must be easy to use without any complicated procedures. The new models available in the market now let you connect by just pushing a button and walking away tension-free. One of the pieces of equipment you must use is a CPAP cleaner for cleaning it efficiently. The cleaner is responsible for shutting off once the cleaning procedure is completed. Your CPAP will be sanitised in 25 minutes with the elimination of 99.99% of bacteria. You do not need to wash your hands after every use instead enjoy the automatic cleaning cycle with one click.

Compatibility With All CPAP Machines

While choosing the cleaning equipment, make sure to select the one that fits all types of CPAP machines. It must be compatible with a fit mask, nasal mask, nasal pillow, tube, or cushion. The equipment should be rechargeable and hold 8 to 10 times of cleaning cycles in one go. Moreover, it must be easy to carry and weigh less than 0.5 pounds to take wherever you want. This ensures you can have a comfortable travelling experience. A basic CPAP cleaner package includes a cleaner, user manual, air mini adapter, USB charging cable, heated hose adapter, and AC adapter for maximum performance.

CPAP Mask Liners

Mask liners are another necessary piece of equipment for your CPAP machine. It fits nasal and mouth masks and eliminates facial redness. The moisture-wicking properties and latex-free fabric are responsible for reducing pressure marks and irritation caused by the procedure. For compatibility, it is better to take a look at the manual. Make sure to buy machine washable mask liners for long-lasting use instead of one-time-use equipment. The design must reduce irritation.

Comfort is a Must

The CPAP comfort liners provide immense help in minimising the issues like redness or facial marks when you come in direct contact with a full-face mask. Choose the one which is designed for comfort and built to last. The breathable soft fleece fabric helps you in receiving optimal comfort while using a CPAP mask. Overall, make sure to choose the design that reduces irritation and improves comfort for the person undergoing the therapy at home.

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