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First aid kits are a must in every house, car, office, school, and any other place. First aid kits have medical supplies needed for immediate use in case of an emergency. However, most first aid kits do not have any equipment for respiratory and anaesthetic emergencies. Portable and lightweight CPR masks are essential equipments that one must keep in their first aid kits.

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CPR Masks & Shields Buying Guide

CPR Masks and shields are part of medical supplies that can come into use when an emergency arises. Carrying a set of CPR Masks inside your first aid kit is crucial. Keeping a CPR mask with you is the right choice since it is better to be safe than sorry.

Sturdy and Compact

CPR masks and shields must be compact and easy to add to any First Aid Kit. Not just this, one can place them inside glove compartments of a car or in a purse. Some masks have efficient packing, and you can use them as a key chain. Such covers are easy to collect and hook as a keychain. However, some bigger masks come with attached oxygen tubes for use in case of severe problems.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Ideally, CPR masks are lightweight and comfortable. However, in the absence of trained personnel, you must read the instruction manual carefully. The front of the mask completely covers the face and provide a breathable experience to the casualty. It is critical that once normal breathing restores, the mask does not disrupt it.

Suitable for both adults and children

Anyone can have a respiratory infection or emergency, be it a child or an adult. Therefore, it is best to buy masks and shields suitable for people of all age groups. They are ideal for hospitals, dental clinics, or any outpatient use as well.

Face shield to avoid infection

CPR masks and shields are safe for you to use while you save someone's life. Most of them come with face shields that prevent the risk of exposure to infection. Good quality CPR masks have a one-way valve to ensure a barrier between you and the patient. The guards ensure that you do not make direct contact with the casualty's face or fluids.

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