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Shopping for a newborn can be an extremely tedious task. And especially if you are expecting for the first time, it can be a confusing phase. Advice on anything from the feed to sleep can sound daunting as everyone has different opinions. But let's face it; most of the confusion arises from misinformation and general worrying. Having proper guidance at the right stage often alleviates most of the parents' worry, and that is why we have prepared this ultimate buying guide for cradles so that you make only informed choices when buying the perfect cradle for your little one.

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Cradles Buying Guide

Sleeping equipment for babies come in many different types that can leave new parents bewildered. Perhaps the most popular term is the crib, which refers to a sleeping set-up bigger than cradles or bassinets. They can serve your child for multiple years as they have ample room to fit your baby's growth. However, they may not be ideal for the early infancy stages as they are not easily portable and lack additional features. Cradles are much more compact and portable, making them your best bet for the baby's early months.

Safety is paramount

When it comes to baby products, virtually everything demands to have safety measures. Human babies take up to years to develop quintessential cognitive abilities and motor skills. It calls for a safe environment for the baby rather than trying to warn the baby. Investing in a new, sturdy cradle is always recommended as old cradles may have undergone some wear and tear. It is advised to look for products with any independent certification to ensure that they won't off-gas. This prevents any potential harmful gaseous emission from the cradle.

Cautions for feature-rich cradles

One of the reasons why there is a distinction between cribs and cradles is that the latter may come with wheels or a rocking mechanism. To and fro movements often help the baby relax and fall asleep; thus, the rocking mechanism comes especially handy for easily annoyed babies. However, one must always make sure that the cradle can be placed stationary using a locking mechanism. Though highly beneficial for portability, wheels also demand a brake to prevent the cradle from moving on its own.

The role of a mattress

Though you can buy the cradle and look for a mattress on your own, it is advisable to purchase a cradle with a compatible mattress for perfect fit and comfort. As a general rule, any gap between the walls of the cradle and the mattress should not be more than two fingers' length. The mattress should be firm, thin and amply breathable, should your little one roll over and lie upside down during sleep. Any extra bedding is inviting potential health hazards. The mattress must only be made from natural materials and dyes.

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