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Every cup and ball game demands precision; thus, it is more complicated than it appears. A cup and ball toy is self-engaging and sufficient to get you hooked for hours. With endless tricks and possibilities, the game helps in improving motor skills.

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You can't get over with a cup and ball game in just one round. A cup and ball game is an addictive way of releasing stress. It is also an easy and exciting way to keep the kids engaged indoors. 


Also known as Kendama or Cup-And-Ball, Bilbocatch is a toy consisting of a handle with either a two-faced hollow cup or a single cup. A Bilbocatch has a ball attached to the handle with a string. The game aims to catch the ball in the cup on point. The game was introduced during the 19th century in England and soon gained popularity among different age-groups. While the ball is made of any material, the handle is traditionally made up of wood. Though the game is addicting and fun to play, it also improves hand and eye coordination. 


Pindaloo is a modern skills toy. It is a hollow, U-shaped tube with a circular opening at each end from which the ball is supposed to enter and depart. The toy operates in a completely different condition than a Bilbocatch. To begin the game, enter the ball from any opening, fling it up with a little movement till the ball goes around the other side, and keep doing it. The game can be quite tricky and demands patience and control for conduction. One can develop several techniques with the toy and keep adding fun to the game. 

Click and Catch

A typical click and catch game consist of a handle with a hollow cup on top that acts as a container for the ball. The game's rule goes with the name; one has to shoot the ball by clicking the trigger on the handle in an upwards direction and catch it as it is falling back. 

Squap ball game

It is the most sensational throw-and-catch ball game. The opening player has to squap the mitt to release the ball, and the opponent is supposed to catch it with the mitt. The process is repeated until one of the players misses the catch. The game can be played among two or more people.