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Straight hair can get boring after some time. Ladies, spice up your hairstyle by curling them. Hair curling can be done with hair iron if you have enough experience with it. Instead of a hair straightener, curling your hair with curling tongs gives better curls and saves time.

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There are curling wands, tongs and irons; they are different curling accessories. Curling tongs are long iron rods with curved shapes. A small portion of hair is wrapped around the tong. After few seconds, when released, the hair is curled. This process is continued throughout the head. Curls are available in different shapes.

Different types of curling tongs

Curling tongs are available in different materials; each material can have quite an effect on your hair. Gold-coated tongs keep the hair from getting heat damage. Tourmaline tongs emit negative ions making your hair frizz-free. Chrome tongs are the widely available ones that are affordable but need extra attention while using them. Ceramic tongs are preferred by professionals for even heat distribution; they give you the salon-style finish.

Shapes and sizes of curling tongs

Curling tongs come in different shapes and sizes. Straight, tapered and bubble are the standard shapes. The straight barrel tongs provide a classic look. The barrel is straight and of the same width making the curls look the same from root to tip. Tapered tongs give relaxed curls; using them makes the roots tighter and the ends looser, giving a more natural look. Bubble shaped tongs give beachy waves. Different sizes are chosen based on the buyer's curl preference.

Steps before curling your hair

Before starting to curl, it's a must to wash your hair with a good shampoo. Apply shampoo that gives extra hydration to your hair. After proper shampooing and conditioning, dry and detangle your hair. Hair curling involves exposing your hair to extra heat. Applying a heat protectant after drying can help avoid possible hair damage. Since you will be using the curling tongs, avoid blow-drying your hair. Let it air dry.

While Curling your hair

After drying, tie your hair up into a ponytail. Hold the wand horizontally and wrap your hair around the rod. If you have straight hair, wrap smaller sections; if your hair is wavy and curled quickly, wrap larger sections around the tong. Hold each curl on the tong for no longer than 10 seconds. Continue this process for all sections. After curling, use a good hairspray to lock in the curls.

Must know of hair curling

There are several things one must know when one decided to use curling tongs. Though how much you love those curls, they must not be used every day. The heat can strip the natural oils off your hair. Always use a heat protectant before using the tongs on your hair. Curling must be done on dry hair. Finally, don't hold the tongs longer. It might burn the hair.

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