Top 12 Cuticle Care & Repair Creams

When it comes to beauty and skincare, people often only concentrate on their hair, face and bodyweight. However, there is more to care for in your body if you want to have a healthy and beautiful appearance in the long run. It is said that the appearance of our nails is a symbol of our health. Cuticle care and repair creams significantly help achieve attractive nails by repairing them from the root: the cuticles.

Cuticle Care & Repair Creams Buying Guide

People often always forget including their feet and hands in their skincare routine, although they are the most prone to dirt and toxins. And in that, the importance of nails and cuticles are overlooked. Cuticle care and repair creams work toward building and maintaining a healthy nail growth by just an easy application.

Why should you care?

The cuticle is the sensitive skin surrounding the roots of your nails and toenails. They help guard your nails against wounds and infection. However, it is not uncommon for this natural protective field to crack or peel. Dehydration, poor health and general negligence could result in cuticle damage. Various medicinal and cosmetic formulae are available in the market to prevent these issues. Depending on individual liking and needs, one may choose from a plethora of products.

Oils, butter or cream?

Cuticle care and repair creams generally come as cream or butter or oil formulae. Revitalising oils with natural extracts nourish and condition cuticles and nails deeply. As oils could get a little greasy, it is usually applied daily before sleep by many. Creams and balms are easily absorbent and hence can be used as people see fit. They prevent the skin around nails from getting flaky with their moisture-locking mechanism. Various butter formulae like Shea and cocoa with added nutrients exfoliates the cuticles and improves the skin elasticity.Intense cuticle repair treatments or therapies are also available for people with severely damaged cuticle and nails. Deeply nourishing treatment serums are specially designed for retaining nail health. People may also have to undergo regular manicure along with such treatment for a speedy recovery.

A pool of choices

Different formulae are devised depending on the type of skin and the nature of the problem on nails. The ingredients used in cuticle care products may vary from castor or grapeseed or sunflower seed oil to thyme honey and seaweed.