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Well-groomed & maintained nails speak a lot about your personality. They communicate self-care & discipline. Nail care is also critical from the hygiene perspective apart from cosmetic reasons. Especially for people with diabetes, maintaining nails occupies a pertinent place as any nail infections can prove dangerous. Cuticle scissors are nail-care products that can help with nail cleanliness.

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Cuticle Scissors Buying Guide

The cuticle is the over-grown skin at the nail base, dry & chapped & needs to be removed. Hence, cuticle scissors are used to get rid of this rough skin. Post the cuticle removal; your nails will look beautiful. They also give the illusion of long nails, which adds to the glamour quotient. A proper look into the features of cuticle scissors will help you in making a well-informed buying decision.

The ones with the scissor grip

If your nails are small, then the cuticle scissors with the fine & sharp edges will be helpful in doing the job precisely. These scissor-shaped variants go into the tiny nail areas to cut the dead skin. They also help in removing any dirt buried under the nail. However, it may take a little practice to be able to do a smoother cut. Therefore, a few uneven edges may be left, which can be effortlessly smoothened with a cuticle oil or lotion. These products come with an adjustable screw for loosening or tightening the grip, leading to an extended utility.

Pliers grip for an un-ruffled cut

If you are more comfortable with a pliers-type clasp, then cuticle nippers are better. These products come in different jaw sizes, & the ones with a bigger jaw size are perfect for larger nails. Some variants come with a nail trimmer & pusher to meet all your needs concerning nail art. They also help in removing fake nails. These kits can be easily carried while on travel & are an ideal aid for a soothing home manicure. It is recommended to sterilise the cuticle scissor when needed & store it in the dry pouch.

Useful for getting rid of facial hair

The cuticle scissors should not be used to cut nails; otherwise, their sharpness will be damaged. Some come with nail file tools that can be used to give the desired shape to your nails. These kits are ideal for DIY nail art. The dead skin underneath the toenails is much harder than the ones under the fingernails. Therefore, cuticle scissors with sturdy construction should be preferred so that the toenails can also be done easily. Bleaching or waxing the facial area will have harmful effects in the long run since the facial skin is very sensitive. The super-fine edges of the cuticle scissors come to your rescue as they can be ideally used for facial hair removal as well.

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