Top 12 Cylinder Vacuums

The flooring of a house comes together with different floor types starting from tiles, woods, carpets etc. Cleaning and maintaining these floors become a massive headache. Here technology comes to our rescue, and a vacuum cleaner arrives in the picture, which makes the whole process of cleaning and maintaining the floor so easy and convenient.

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Cylinder Vacuums Buying Guide

Cylinder vacuums are operated through an on/off pedal system, and this is a foot-controlled pedal system. They are based on bagless technology. They contain separate dust containers that can be clipped on. Due to this bagless technology, emptying and cleaning the vacuum cleaner becomes very easy and hassle-free.

Selecting the right vacuum cleaner

Cylinder vacuums are available in lots of different variants, and the differentiating factor between these vacuums is their motors' power. Power of these motors generally lying between 500W to 800W. The buyer must select the motor very carefully because it is the motor's power that decides the vacuum cleaner's cleaning capability and efficiency. 

What is the dirt storing capacity of these vacuums?

These baggage less vacuums do not lack any dust storing capabilities as they come with storage anywhere around 3L to 9L, which makes them capable of cleaning the whole house at one go, and saves the time of emptying the bin again and again, which makes them perfect for both office and residential cleaning. 

Ensures only filtered air comes out 

Cylinder Vacuums are made with cyclonic technology, which separates the dust from the air. And due to the flat and inclined vacuum nozzle, it becomes perfect for cleaning carpets, hard-floors etc. They also have a dedicated filtration system which ensures that only filtered air is thrown back to the room.

Additional features for convenience

These vacuums come with a sturdy design made by particle fibre and plastics, ensuring these vacuums' durability and quality. The filters present in the filtration system are washable and can also be replaced by a spare one. They also have handles on the side that ensure a good grip and make it easier to move the vacuum cleaner wherever needed.