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In industrial machinery, a roller bearing totes a load by planting rolling elements amidst races. Their origin dates back to primitive times when logs were used to be moved with little to no friction by rolling massive stone blocks atop. Cylindrical roller bearings are one of the most common types of roller bearing available in the market.

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As the name suggests, cylindrical roller bearings use cylinders in the bearing in bringing down friction between parts in motion. They are typically used in rolling mills, process industries, power transmission, traction motors and pumps, gear drives etc.

Knowing the tool

Cylindrical roller bearings have a relatively larger surface area than other roller bearings and a line contact in the space between the roller and inner and outer rings. This design enables them to carry larger and heavier radial loads and to hold higher impact load capacity. The strenuous duty, however, would result in more friction and lower operating speed.

Types of the bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings come in many forms although most have a single row bearing mechanism with a cage. The cage curbs the potential collision of rolling elements that aid in preventing bind or friction. They are mostly designed for vibratory applications. Other than the cage design, they are available in sealed or split models. The seal ensures the rollers are safe from external particles like dust and water or contaminations. The split bearing is designed for bearing set-ups that are tough to deal with like crankshafts. Replacement or maintenance rates are much less required for these robust bearings.

Things to remember

The different parameters that need to be looked into are dynamic axial and radial loads, static axial and radial loads and the rated speeds. Cylindrical roller bearings are typically made of low-carbon steels although some bearings come with high carbon levels by case-hardening and a protective coating. This additional covering prevents any potential metal fatigue. Removable inner rings permit easy lubrication.

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