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Dance mats are a fun way to get your children to exercise. It enhances their creativity and musicality too. Consider a few criteria before purchasing one, and your kids will have an enjoyable time with them.

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Dance Mats Buying Guide

To make children do something, you need to make it fun for them. Tell them to practise art daily, and they won't like it. However, turn it into a fun activity, and watch them dedicate hours to it. It is the same for exercise. Getting some activity and exercising one's body is great for children. However, in an era of video games and smartphones, it can be difficult to make them exercise. You have to make it entertaining. How do you do it? Get a dance mat. The kids won't even realise the time they will spend playing on the dance mat. It will boost their creativity and sense of music as well.

Size of the dance mat

How big is the mat? If only one child plays on it, then you can choose a smaller one. However, you will need a bigger one if you have multiple kids. Even for a single child, a big mat is better since they will have more space. Dance mats often mention their measurements; take note of it. See how big the piano keys are; oversized ones are better. Most mats will have 9 to 10 piano keys.

Available audio options

Most dance mats have piano keys; the more they have, the better will it be since it means more options and combinations for the children. However, many dance mats offer other audio options too. Some come with animal noises. You can use them to teach your child about different kinds of animals and how to identify them. Many dance mats offer sounds of instruments other than the piano, like violin, trumpets, and guitar. You can even find dance mats that can play multiple demo songs. A few have the option to record and playback. The dance mat should let you adjust the volume.

High-quality materials

The dance mat should be made of materials of premium quality; it should be durable and resilient. Dance mats are often made of non-woven fabric. It is a bonus if you can simply wipe it clean. It should be easily foldable as well and lightweight. The material should be soft; it should not hurt your child's feet. Dance mats, like any other product aimed at children, should be made of non-toxic elements only. It is better if you opt for an environment-friendly option. 

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