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You can do as many as decoration to your house, or office, or wherever it can be by spending a lot of money, but placing a small light will drastically change the scene over there. If you are interested in buying decorative light bulbs, this guide is beautifully crafted for you.

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Decorative Light Bulbs Buying Guide

Lights bulbs for decoration sounds so light, but the process of selecting the right bulb for your place can be tedious and tiring at times. If you are not aware of electrical terms or these decorative aesthetic views, you might find it difficult to buy the right product.

The base or cap types

Before you buy your decorative lights bulbs, the first and foremost thing to do is understand the various light fitting, aka caps, or light bulbs' bases. There are three types of bases available, and the cap is denoted using letters and the size of them in a number using millimetres. The first type is the bayonet, which is the common form of fitting you can see. The second type is the screw, which is also called Edison bulbs, and the last type is the pin type, where there are pins at the end of the light bulb.

The types of bulb available

The type of bulb you will purchase is a crucial part of the decorative light bulbs. It not only impacts the decoration of the place but also the energy efficiency of your house. The one that you will choose from the below mentioned can change the overall deciding factor. That is, it is your choice whether to choose CFL bulbs, halogen bulbs, or LED bulbs. If you are keen on energy efficiency, your choice might be LEDs.

Lumens and watts of the bulbs

The type of bulb is the factor for our watt of the bulbs. The more the watt of the bulb, the more you will have to pay your electricity bills. In simple terms, hunt for bulbs that are smaller in their wattage. You have to also keep in mind that the watt of the bulb and the lumen of a bulb is not inter-related any more. A LED of less watt can give the same amount of lumen, aka the amount of light as output, like that of an incandescent light of more watt. So, make your decisions right without compromising on your pockets.

Tones and modes of the bulbs

The last thing to consider in the decorative light bulbs is the tones and modes of the bulbs. The tone refers to the colour of the bulb as warm and cool. The second is the modes they can offer. Look for if they can switch to cool, warm, dimmer, brighter according to manual changes.

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