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An integral unit or element of any machine is a bearing, and although there are several types of bearings, the two main categories are rolling and sliding bearings. Deep groove ball bearings fall under rolling bearings and are the most common type due to their versatility. A deep groove ball bearing can sustain axial, radial, or composite loads and provide high-running accuracy and high-speed operation. Its simple design, long service life, and low-maintenance makes deep groove ball bearings a popular choice today.

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Deep-Groove Ball Bearings Buying Guide

If you look closely enough, you will find a deep-grove (narrow channel) between a deep groove ball bearing's inner and outer race – which is the reason behind its name. Some common industrial uses of deep groove ball bearings include electric motors, power tools, pumps, compressors, and automation. However, some household appliances and machines also sometimes require deep groove ball bearings to function. But whether you are buying deep groove ball bearings for industrial or domestic use, it is crucial to take certain factors into account – and this comprehensive buying guide is here to help.

High-Quality Construction is a Must

Since all bearings, including deep groove ball bearings, assist rotation in machines and sustain huge loads, high-quality construction takes priority. If the deep groove ball bearing cannot function correctly, it can cause damage to the shaft and other parts of the machine. Therefore, buyers need to ensure that the bearing has a robust construction. One way of doing so is choosing a suitable material – and although the standard choice is usually steel – carbon or chromium steel are much more durable, smoother, have faster heat dissipation and are resistant to deformity under heavy loads.

Is a Double Sheild/Seal Important?

Today, most deep groove ball bearings come with a double shield or seal, but it is a fairly new design feature and is not necessary. However, having two-layer protection on deep groove ball bearings can have certain benefits. Firstly, it makes the bearing more suitable for heavy load operations as the shield acts as a protective layer. Secondly, double seals can help keep the dust away, making the machine work more smoothly – even under complex environments. Since deep groove ball bearings can be lubricated, the two shields can help keep the lubricant in and last longer.

Other Essential Factors

Deep groove ball bearings come in several sizes and choosing one depends on the machine and shaft size. Many people believe that a bigger bearing is better than a smaller one, and this somewhat true because the load is distributed evenly and over a larger surface area. However, you must check the inner and outer diameter measurements plus the thickness. If preferred, buyers can also go with pre-lubricated deep groove ball bearings if they don't want to use external lubrication.

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