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Going to the dentist and getting an oral examination is incomplete without a dental explorer, also sometimes referred to as a sickle probe – is a primary diagnostic instrument in dentistry. A dental explorer is typically used with a mouth mirror, and besides diagnosis, it is even used for various dental procedures and treatments like restoration and furcation. The dental explorer’s primary use is to search for cavities and tooth decay by enhancing oral tactile sensation, and it is an essential tool no dentist can do without.

Dental Explorers Buying Guide

In the early twenty-first century, many dentists voiced against using dental explorers as its sharp needle can be damaging if not used with precaution – however, a sickle probe is still widely used worldwide today. A dental explorer has a slim body, much like a pen and has sharp tips on one or both ends/sides, and is efficient design makes it suitable for a wide range of dental applications. However, buyers should consider a few factors before buying an explorer probe, and this buying guide will highlight all the essential ones.

Choosing the Type of Dental Explorer

Although all dental explorers’ primary use is the same, there are some differences based on design and function. Instead of names, dental probes are classified according to serial numbers such as number 23, 43, 44, etcetera – out of which number 23 is the most common. It is typically single-ended and shaped like a hook, arch, or a semi-circle and is used to check caries around the mouth’s crown area. Similarly, dental explorer 17 is used for interproximal regions – which is the space between adjoining teeth. Therefore, buyers need to select a suitable explorer by checking its serial number and application.

Good Construction is Vital

A dental explorer is an essential tool every dentist uses daily, so good construction is somewhat necessary. If you purchase a poorly made dental probe, you will probably have to buy one sooner than you’d like, which consumes both extra time and money. So, buyers should look for dental explorers made with high-quality materials such as stainless-steel as it is durable and long-lasting. Similarly, the explorer’s handle must be comfortable like one with a silicone coating for added comfort and prolonged use.

Go with A Trusted Brand

Like all other tools and equipment, even dental instruments are used for medical purposes, and it is crucial only to use the best for patients. Only a professional and reputed brand will offer an excellent product (in this case, dental explorer) that does a good job and can be trusted by a dentist. If you cannot find or identify the brand, manufacturer, or seller, the best thing to do is read up on reviews and feedback provided by other buyers – as it will give you all the information you need, plus peace of mind.

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