Top 12 Dental Infection Control Kits

Disinfection procedures are an essential part of any medical professional's job. These sterilisation activities kill different forms of viruses, bacteria & contain the spread of the germs before & after any medical procedure. Therefore, it safeguards the patient & the health worker. There are dental infection control kits available that help dentists perform their work with utmost hygiene & safety.

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Dental Infection Control Kits Buying Guide

Dental infection control kits include various items ranging from surgical face masks, sterilisation pouches & dental examination gloves. There are dental racks used to hold the dental tools that also serve as a disinfection box. A proper walk-through of these products will help you understand their utility value for making a conscious purchase decision.

Disinfection kits for autoclaves & disposable steriliser bags

For workspaces like hospitals, laboratories, dental clinics,  proper disinfection procedures are imperative. Therefore, the instruments used for oral & other surgeries are always sterilised. There are handy sterilisation pouches that can securely seal these incisive tools before putting them in an autoclave. Disposable steriliser bags are on offer that provides a safe & easy way to disinfect baby utensils. They are a boon, especially during these pandemic times when travelling with a baby poses a considerable risk.

Medical gloves & UV led decontaminators

Powder-free gloves are on offer that helps in retaining moisture & hence causes no irritation. These products are useful for dentists & surgeons who need to perform long-duration operating procedures. They also don't restrict movement while donning & doffing. Steriliser boxes are also available that use ultra-violet rays for quickly killing the viruses & germs. They help clean mobile phones, small metal objects, plastic products, beauty tools, garments etc. Their commercial use can be mainly in wellness centres prior to manicure & pedicure treatments.

Oral-care rescue

There are ready-to-use tooth rescue solutions that help store the tooth fragment for about two days before a successful replantation. The nutrients in the solution support the survival of the tooth cells & enable safe transport to the dentist.