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Amidst the on-going pandemic, it would be apt to refer health care professionals as health care warriors. They have indeed worked to their maximum potential to ensure the health of the entire world. It requires a lot of perseverance & consistent efforts to acquire all the skills & knowledge needed to be in this noble profession. Hence, there are many educational aids available for aspiring dentists, orthopaedics, acupuncturists, gynaecologists, acupressurists etc.

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There are dental models & other educational materials that enable a thorough understanding of human anatomy. The efficient combination of theory & practice enables medical students to get a rapid grip over the subject. Therefore, these aids go a long way in ensuring kinesthetic learning.

Skeleton & dental aids for sensory learning

There are muscle models which have accurately labelled pressure points & meridians that help to understand acupuncture. It is an ideal way of learning ancient healing art. Dental teeth models are available to educate the patients regarding flossing & also in treatment planning deliberations. Massaging the foot appropriately releases toxins from the body, improves blood circulation & positively stimulates the internal organs. The foot massager replicas are on offer that helps to learn the required techniques quickly. There are skeleton prototypes that serve as an excellent tool for comprehending the skeleton anatomy.

Skull caps & face models

There are replicas of human skull crafted with fine artistry which can be perfect ornamentation for a home or club bar. These gothic pieces also serve as an ideal accessory for Halloweens. The ones that have no carvings are fit for demonstrative education. There are dummy face heads of silicone which are useful for facial suture & injection training. They are perfect for acupuncture practice. Aestheticians can also practice different types of facials & hairstyles using them.

Prototypes for interpreting animal biology

The anatomical positions of the frog are marked in their replicas. They are transparent models which display the internal parts clearly. These serve as an ecologically friendly way of understanding zoology. Fine craftsmanship skills are applied in making the cat skeletons. They serve as an excellent aid for laboratory supplies.

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