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Tooth pain is one of the most dreaded pains in people of all ages around the world. It can make anyone feel miserable, but mostly the dental patients avoid going to a dentist out of anxiety and fear. The reason behind this anxiety is plenty!

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Dental Radiology & Imaging Buying Guide

There is always a high risk of cross-contamination during dental procedures. This comprehensive buying guide suggests a few tools used during dental radiology to avoid infections and radiation. Choosing one that works for the buyer's preferences help prevent the damage caused by radiation.

Thyroid shield as a tool for protection against radiation.

Thyroid shield is a piece of clothing that significantly restricts the exposure of patients to radiation. Thyroid collars safeguard the thyroid of the patients while going through X rays. Several factors should be kept in mind before purchasing the protective garment. The thicker the garment, the more the protection. Your thyroid shield should ideally be high-performance yet lightweight. The patient should not feel any discomfort. Many protective aprons have thyroid collars integrated into a single garment.

Lead Aprons; a necessary shield

A lead apron is vital in protecting the person from the dangerous rays of radioactivity. They absorb rays and halt their movement towards the person they are shielding. Every lead apron is manufactured to withstand a particular strength of radiation. Hence, aprons made with different types of materials are suitable for each strength. Also, the distance between the source of radiation and the recipient will determine the amount of lead required in the apron. Lead aprons are an advantageous invention for patients and radiologists.

Face masks are the way forward!

With the COVID- 19 pandemic, dental practices require more proactive use of face masks to avoid the virus's transmission. Before the coronavirus outbreak, a face mask was a personal protective equipment usually worn by only the medical personnel. Before buying a face mask, please make sure it fits comfortably against your face. The adjustable ear loop is more comfortable. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. You should be able to breathe without any problem. A face mask with multiple layers of clothing is ideal for protection against deadly viruses and bacteria.

Dental barrier envelopes to prevent the spread of infections

Dental imaging poses challenges of infection as the digital receptors are used multiple times. Many times, it is not appropriately sterilised. The best way to prevent the transfer of microorganisms to phosphor plates is to use dental barriers. Disposable envelopes are regarded as more suitable as they are cheaper and more hygienic. Specific envelopes are designed for different types of phosphor plates.