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One cannot have enough desserts. A meal without dessert somehow feels incomplete, and people with a sweet tooth can relate to this. There are humongous varieties of desserts available, ranging from brownies and chocolate chip cookies to cheesecakes and pies. Desserts are to be served on dessert plates to have that fulfilling experience without any compromise. This guide helps you pick suitable dessert plates without much hassle.

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Dessert Plates Buying Guide

A typical dinner setting encompasses cup, main course plates, side plates, bowls and dessert plates. A mouthwatering dessert neatly presented on a dessert plate naturally stimulates hunger and makes room for more. The plating and presentation of desserts form the crux and enhances the dining experience. A few essential aspects to look into before investing in a dessert plate is enlisted in this guide.

Fabrication of the plates

One of the essential aspects is the construction of the plates. Some of them are built up of pure glass that needs to be handled with extra care and caution. Generally, cake plates are fabricated of vitrified porcelain, fine bone china, acacia wood and melamine. Stoneware sets are heavier than bone china and porcelain; hence, one must be careful while serving and washing. Bone china and porcelain are two of the most durable material for dessert plates. Melamine is quite sturdy and cannot be easily shattered too.

Varied design and texture

The dessert plates are hand-painted with unique patterns and beautiful floral motifs with birds and other designs. They have eye-catching designs with cartoons and animal prints for children. They are available in a range of exquisite colours with a soft tone like pastel, royal blue, off white and are glazed to perfection accompanied by a smooth finish. Some of the dessert plates are inspired by traditional Japanese design that looks enticing and treats the eyes.

Easy to clean and microwave

The dessert plates are very enticing to look at and are a great way to present the desserts but removing the stains can be challenging later. If the dessert plates' material is not suited for the dishwasher, it must be cleaned manually and carefully, which might be troublesome. In addition, some of the desserts are best served hot and, more often than not, require re-heating, so it needs to be microwave safe to facilitate this. Stackable plates are an extra advantage or can be stored using a piece of felt between each piece.

Formal or casual dessert plates

The dessert plates can be grouped into formal or casual as both settings demand different types of dinnerware. Formal plates that are usually white and rimmed with golden are suitable for hosting conventional gatherings. And brighter colours are preferred for social get-togethers. They are either available with the whole dinnerware sets or open stock that is sold individually to mix and match your collection.