Top 12 Disposable Hairnets

A disposable hairnet can be used at home, kitchens, hotels, food processing factories. It is the best option to keep your hands and head clean while working. It does not allow your hair to distract you from your work. It allows you to maintain hygiene at home and workplace.

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Disposable Hairnets Buying Guide

A disposable hair-net is an elasticized net worn over the head to hold the hair in a place. It is used by people working in restaurants, food processing factories, school, hospitals, drug factories. It can also be used by female horse riders. It helps them to concentrate on riding. As the name suggests, it can be safely disposed of after the usage.

Factors to keep in mind while buying hairnets

A disposable hairnet should have an adjustable and soft thread elastic. It makes the hairnet more comfortable. It should be tight enough to hold the hair in one place and should not allow the hair to escape out of the net. The hairnet should be chosen by checking its elasticity. Neither it should irritate your skin, nor blesses you with a headache.

Which type of Hair-net is perfect for you?

Before buying a disposable hairnet, do not forget to consider your requirements. Jot down the use and purpose behind buying the disposable hairnet and then buy accordingly. If you are buying for restaurant use, you should go for the hairnet that looks attractive and should be equally comfortable. If you are buying for hospital purposes go for the tight hair-nets.

Material to Choose from

The disposable hair-nets should be made out of spun-bond polymer non-woven fabric. As the material is soft and light-weighted. It should have excellent water repellence and air-crossing abilities to prevent dryness. It then prevents your hair from bacterial and fungal infections.

So Many to Choose from

The disposable hairnets are available in different fabrics and colours. You should choose light-weighted hair-nets and spun bond fabrics. It is available in different colours and patterns. You can choose the colour based on its utility. It can be used in the home, kitchen, hotels, hospitals, salons, factories.