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To sit back, unwind and listen to good music as a way to escape the still-buzzing world is an endearing hobby. Listening to good quality music is proven to provide feelings of ecstasy and relaxation; turntables are recommended to provide better quality music.

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Turntables are circular rotating platforms that play music using vinyl records. They are seen as vintage treasures and are one of the impressive inventions of the old times. Turntables play music from the vinyl records using the speaker; they're preferred for their exceptional audio quality compared to music heard from digital devices 

How do turntables work?

A record is placed over the rotating platter, and the cartridge is then placed on the record. The record is a vinyl disk with musical notes carved upon it; the cartridge picks up the music from the grooves and turns them into electrical signals known as PHONO signals. The PHONO signals are then sent to the speaker after the strengthening process from the preamp and the amplifier, which finally converts the signal into the high-quality music we preferred.

Components of the Turntable

Aside from amplifiers and speakers, a piece of adequate knowledge of the main components of the turntable is crucial. The record is placed on a spinning platform called a platter with a plinth as its base. The tonearm holds the cartridge, which moves the stylus to dig into the grooves carved into the vinyl record. There is also a speed selector that allows us to adjust the speed of the turntables. Again, knowing to use the main components is ought for a better experience.

Preamp in Turntables

From learning how the turntable work, one might wonder the purpose of a preamp; The preamp amplifies the PHONO signal outputted from the turntable into a LINE signal before sending them to the amplifier. The process is necessary since the vinyl record is carved with lower tones (bass) and high tones (treble), where softer tones take up more space. Thus, the preamp significantly increases the bass and decreases the treble, then sent to the amplifier. Some turntables come with a built-in preamp that amplifies the signals, while others are connected to a separate preamp between the turntable and amplifier.

A better experience with turntable

The quality of the turntables is hugely responsible for the resulting quality of the music, so the distinct quality of each component is advised not to be overlooked. The stylus and cartridges are seasonally upgraded to preserve the wear and tear on records. Turntables are preferred over digital devices for the music quality since analogue sounds are better than digital sounds; analogue sounds comprise smooth, continuous waves that produce an elegant audio quality. If you're an audiophile in search of good quality music, turntables are a good investment.

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