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Having pets is a great means of happiness. Dogs, especially, can be lifelong companions to humans. However, feeding them can get as hard as feeding a newborn baby. Many dogs are picky or fussy eaters, some may be convalescing, or some may be rapid eaters. Dog food toppers are treats that can be added to your dog's meal to make it much tastier, digestible and appealing to your pet. Packed with healthy nutrients, they can also act as supplements.

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It is no secret that regular dog food can sometimes get a little boring. It could primarily be the reason behind your pup lacking an appetite. But as their caretakers, you should not be compromising on their health by introducing unhealthy alternatives to their diet. Dogs that follow a specific diet, especially as per medical prescription are likely to end up disinterested in eating.  Available in many flavours and forms, dog food toppers are at your rescue in such situations. Simply garnish the dog food with it or mix in, rest assured, your pup will be eager to eat more!

Sprinkle or slurp?

Dog food toppers are available in the market mainly as dry and wet forms. Many are powdered, some granular or crumbs, some as ketchup and the like. Depending on individual formulae, a powdered topper can be sprinkled onto the meal as a garnish. They can also be diluted in water or broths to make gravy for the pup. Toppers in the form of soups, ketchup and sauce can be directly mixed into the feed.

Ingredients used

As dog food toppers are a daily food option, it is made of natural ingredients filled with nutrients to not cause any harm to your pup. Freeze-dried chicken, beef, fish and veggies etc. or nuts and seeds are ground to a fine or coarse powder. Specific body parts like liver and heart are also prepared this way. These are ideal to be used over bones or raw meat as incentives. Air-cured Biltongs made of meat and herbs make perfect toppings for dog food. They can also be added to gravies for the pup to bite on some delicious chunks.

Ketchup made of nutty, fruity and flavourful ingredients can make a good topping or mixing sauce. The fluid coats and enhances the palatability of the otherwise boringly dry kibbles. Specially formulated vegetarian or meaty powders can be simmered in water to make a wholesome soupy topper. Wet dog food toppers are also an excellent way to prevent dehydration of your furry friend.

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