Top 12 Dried Beans & Pulses

Pulses are life-giving foods that have the capacity to fulfil all the nutrition needs of a person. Beans and pulses are all-in-one foods because they have the best of all the extremes. Pulses have carbohydrates that provide energy, and they also have protein which helps build and maintain the various muscles in the body.

Dried Beans & Pulses Buying Guide

If there is one category of food the world cannot live without, it is the pulses. Pulses also include the various beans varieties like chickpeas, kidney beans and fava beans. Grains can provide carbohydrates that can give energy but cannot build and maintain muscles. Meats and seafood can provide the body with the necessary proteins, which is useful in the upkeep of muscles but doesn’t provide carbohydrates. Hence, pulses offer the best of both worlds by offering both carbohydrates and proteins, which can sustain the body well and give longer hours of satiety. Pulses are a truly magical food.

The various varieties of dals

Dal is a term originating from India, and it includes a variety of split pulses that do not need to be soaked before cooking them. The traditional method to cook a dal pulse is by heating it in hot water. However, since the traditional method takes time, dals are pressure cooked for faster cooking. The most common dals used are “toor” dal, which is also known as pigeon pea, urad dal, also known as vigna mungo, and mung dal, which is also known as green gram. These dals are used to make a majority of popular Indian delicacies.

The various varieties of beans

Although it consists of more carbohydrates, beans are one of the most balanced foods in existence. The various beans are recommended in many health diets because they are rich in anti-oxidants and are filled with all the essential vitamins. Certain beans also promote organ health like gut and kidney. The most popular beans are chickpeas, also known as chana, kidney beans, rajma, and fava beans, which are popularly used in the middle east as the main ingredient in their signature falafel dishes. Black-eyed pea is an extremely popular bean and is the bean popularly sold as baked beans.

Couscous is an alternative to rice and pasta

Couscous is a popular North African and Middle Eastern dish in the same way as rice. These seeds are extracted either from durum wheat or semolina.  It is popularly considered a healthier alternative to rice and pasta because it has a significantly lower carbohydrate content than rice and pasta. Since couscous has a creamy and fluffy texture, it extremely absorbent of spices like chilli powder, tamarind powder and cumin powder. One of the most popular dishes made with couscous is the Levantine Tabbouleh salad consisting of onions, tomatoes, mint, olive oil, etc.

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