Top 12 Drum Heads

Drums are one of the most versatile instruments adding that much-needed optimism to any musical piece, making it far more enjoyable. As majestic as drums might appear, these are likely to wear down at one point in time, like any other frail instrument. Getting new drum heads can help to retain the same sound quality.

Drum Heads Buying Guide

Drum heads are the soul of any drum, without which the instrument is simply a piece of the wooden ring. This product's role might appear simple, but tons of factors can make or break any drum performance. Drum heads getting damaged is a typical instance of excess force on the heads or frequent playing sessions. At times as such, the drum head might require a quick change to retain its quality. Both the head and the bottom part of a drum are replaceable and available in premium quality.

The thickness of the drum head for varying sounds

One of the most prominent features while getting to know the suitable drum heads for purchase is comprehending their thickness. Different thickness delivers different sounds which add a significant element to any musical piece. A thin drum head will provide the sound with less effort, though the sound would be quieter than a thicker drum head that demands more effort to deliver heavier sound. Choosing depends entirely on the type of sound a player is aiming to create out of the instrument.

Choosing the variant concerning the genre

There are tens of different kinds of drums, varying in playing technique, hold, appearance and a few other factors. All these drums would require an equally differing type of drum heads. Make sure to research according to the owned variant before getting a replacement drum head to be confident of warding off incompatibility. Tambourine, bass drums, Tabla and Bongos, are a few of the many varieties with unique flavours that one can include in different genres. 

The texture of the drum head surface

The texture quality of a drum head, too, adds an altering feature to the sound it creates on playing. A coated drum head with a smooth finish surface ensures the sound produced is warmer and darker; sounds best suited to jazz players. A non-coated clear top creates bright and unrestrained sound, open for experiments. Few alternatives also include dotted heads for drier sounds that are more focused. Buyers can easily search through to find their best match.

The durability of the product

Whether buying a drum head or complete drum set, any buyer's topmost priority is to be sure of keeping durability on the top of the checklist. The longevity and quality of sound highly depend upon this feature, so warrant choosing only the ones promising this feature.