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Playing the drums is all about finding the right rhythm, which is only possible by being in full control of the drum set. While the instrument itself plays a significant role in how a drummer performs, the player’s seat can also make a considerable difference. Drumming requires one to sit in the same position throughout the act while coordinating several hand and foot movements – which is why investing in a good quality drum stool can be useful for drum players, especially beginners.

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XDrum Drum Stool Semi

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Ahead ASPG-BL Drum Throne

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Drum Stools Buying Guide

Drum stools, alternatively known as drum thrones, are an excellent way to be in alignment with the drum set and offer enhanced control, helping a drummer give his very best. The stool is not just about performing better, but it also helps alleviate back pain and provides the necessary comfort that a drummer needs. But whether you are buying a drum stool for yourself or as a gift for someone, considering certain factors is essential. This buying guide will help buyers make the right choice by pointing out key properties.

Solid Construction is a Must

If a drum stool is wobbly and not stable, it may affect the drummer’s ability to control the drum kit and impact his performance. Therefore, it is highly crucial to select a stool with a solid construction, and the first thing to ensure is a thick and double padded drum seat that does not deform over time. A tripod or three-legged drum stool with a non-skid surface is essential to keep the seat in place while you play. The drum throne must also be lightweight, sturdy, comfortable, and made with high-quality materials.

Adjustable Height is Non-Negotiable

Not all drummers are of the same height or build, which makes choosing a standard-sized drum stool absurd. While one can make do with any type of seating cushion, the stool’s height is what really matters as it is essential for proper alignment. Although most drum stools come with an adjustable height, some do not include the feature. But it is best to go with an adjustable stool for added flexibility and comfort. A memory lock for the height is also an essential feature one can consider for a quick set-up.

Portable Design and Other Factors

Whether you’re a professional drummer who travels with their own stool or a student who likes to carry their own drum throne to class, a portable design is something to consider. It is best to invest in a collapsible stool or one with foldable legs and a removable seat, making it easier to transport and store. Other factors a buyer should keep in mind is a long-term warranty period and included accessories like drum sticks.