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Cleaning up a baby’s poop is never a pleasant experience, especially when you are in a public place or someone else’s house. Keeping the mess to the minimum is every parent’s priority, and even using nappies does not save one from cleaning up after. Using tissues is not the right choice as they can be harsh on an infant’s sensitive skin, which is why many people prefer using wet tissues. But just when you think you have the perfect product, there is always something better – and in this case, it’s dry baby wipes.

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Dry Baby Wipes Buying Guide

Dry wipes perform the same function as a sponge and need to be soaked in water or essential oils before use. As far as babies are concerned, you will run out of wet tissues sooner than you’d like and you end up spending loads of money on it. However, dry baby wipes are environment-friendly and reusable – and do an excellent job at removing dirt & impurities while not stripping off excess moisture. Dry baby wipes are also much safer for children and get the job done faster. But first, there are some things to consider, and this guide will help.

Are Disposable Dry Wipes Better?

There are two primary types of dry baby wipes – reusable (or washable) and disposable. But when it comes to making a choice, it is more of a personal preference. However, if your goal is to use something eco-friendly or money-saving, using disposable tissues will not make a difference as you will end up using the same quantity as before. On the other hand, washable dry-wipes are the same as towels and can be easily washed after every use. Also, a reusable cloth will have higher absorbency power compared to disposable ones.

Go with Soft & Good Quality Dry Wipes

If you use a regular small/hand towel to clean up your baby’s mess – doing so is not a great idea as it can be harsh on sensitive skin – but dry baby wipes are designed with materials that are entirely safe to use. However, buyers must make sure the reusable wipe is made with one hundred per cent pure and soft fabric such as cotton or microfibre. Moreover, dry wipes should be chemical-free, unscented, sulphate-free, dye-free, and extremely gentle so you can use it anywhere, including a baby’s face or hands.

Size, Quantity, and More

All dry baby wipes come in different shapes and sizes, and buyers need to choose one based on their requirement. However, small and compact size is better suited for babies as it is easier to carry. Similarly, buyers need to select a suitable quantity as per their usage. If you are buying disposable dry wipes, it is essential to ensure that they can be used both dry and with liquids or oils. One more thing to consider is the reviews and feedback of other customers/parents for a clearer idea of its quality.

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