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An ear syringe is a modern approach to ear care. Ear irrigation should be a norm for people who have oily ear wax, excess earwax build-up, use earphones, or hearing aid.

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Ear Syringes Buying Guide

An ear syringe is a tool used to remove cerium, excess earwax, and foreign material from ears. Tools like ear picks, ear candles, or cotton swabs could puncture your eardrums or leave even more wax inside your ears, which makes the problem even worse. 

Earwax softeners

The fatty acids in the earwax make it slightly acidic. Thus, the earwax removal aid should have a weak alkaline element like sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, or natural oil. It is used in combination with the ear syringe. The softener is available as liquid eardrops, which simplifies the irrigation process by softening the lodged ear wax. It is advised, for children, to choose an ear drop with a glass pipet for precise emission of the drops. 

Stream ear wax removal

These ear syringes remove earwax using a gentle water stream or a saline solution to remove stubborn ear wax from the ears. The syringe tip should create a 360 degrees influx of eardrops or water to dislodge the toughest of ear wax. The dislodged wax can be collected with a bulb syringe. This ear irrigation method is safe for every age group as it does not contain sharp objects that can damage the ear canal or push the wax further into the channel. 

Spiral earwax removing tool

These ear wax removing tools have spiral heads designed to remove the soften earwax easily. The spiral head should be made of soft and non-toxic materials like silicone. They come with detachable spiral heads, which can be used by several members of a family. For personal hygiene, choose a syringe with multi-coloured heads. 

Ear syringe bulb

An ear syringe bulb is a compressible rubber bulb with an open-end tip that allows suction and fluid expulsion. Suction bulbs are usually used after using an ear syringe to rinse the fluid; however, they can quickly remove dust or debris without direct contact. These bulbs are made of washable materials for long term use. The bulb can be filled with ear drops, warm water, or oil for direct injection in the ear.