Top 12 Electric Guitar Bags

Guitars need some protection, as all delicate things do. Electric guitars have a slender body and neck that makes them more prone to damage and abrasion. Hence they require electric guitar bags to protect against several unpleasant conditions. Several features need to be considered before buying a guitar bag, and this guide will help you find the suitable one.

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Electric Guitar Bags Buying Guide

It is necessary to buy an electric guitar bag for your guitar to ensure its safety and durability. Guitars cannot just be carried across places for performances or gigs as there is a constant fear of getting damaged with accidental bumps. Guitar bigs come in various sizes, materials, colours and other features. So, it is wise to take the help of a guide before investing in a bag.

Safety of guitar is paramount

It is imperative to choose a guitar bag that dispenses utmost safety to the guitars. The padding, extra foam and cushioning ensure complete safety and security of the guitars. The neck strap and headstock are important as they fasten the guitar in place and protect it from accidental bumps. The soft lining inside the bags restricts the guitar from banging against any hard surface.

Room for accessories

The guitar ought to have enough space for accessories like tuners, sheet music, phones, CDs etc. Most guitar bags have large compartments and extra pouches on the front or a neck pocket to ensure a hassle-free experience while travelling for a gig or concert. Zipped pockets provide a sense of security if one intends to travel with important documents or accessories.

Other features to look out for

The bag should perfectly fit the guitar to ensure restricted movements of the guitar. High-quality zippers are incorporated as they have to be smooth, durable, and wear-resistant to not get stuck. Dust-resistant and scratch-proof are also some of the important features. They have an ergonomic handle and can be carried as a backpack with the help of adjustable shoulder straps. The reflective bands prevent damage during the nights. They also possess exterior bottom rubber guards in the base that keeps the guitar from knocking off.