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Unlike the old days, today, kids do not lag behind adults when it comes to technology but pick it up rather quickly and better – making electronic toys the latest buzz. We all have dealt with the struggle of keeping mobile phones and iPads out of kids' reach, but that is hardly the solution – and with doing so comes a wave of crankiness and mood swings that is not easy to deal with. However, electronic toys can be just as engaging and fascinating, making them a worthy investment.

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Electronic Toys Buying Guide

Even though not specifically a toy, tablets designed for kids are a better alternative to smart devices and have features better equipped for children, making it a popular choice among parents. Some other electronic toys include robots, sensory books, microphones, digital cameras, and even walkie talkies. The selection is vast, but there are some things a buyer should consider, and this guide will highlight all essential features of the top-selling electronic toys.

What to Look for in a Tablet?

A kid's tablet is an excellent way to keep your little one entertained while you carry on with work and other responsibilities – but there are a few things to consider. Buyers should go for tablets loaded with content, including games and cartoons, plus free membership to a kids' streaming platform. A fast processer, good battery life, high-definition resolution, high-quality dual speakers & cameras, and a kid-proof case should also be considered. But an essential factor is parental controls with features such as screen time limit, age filters, bedtime setting, and blocking/restricting access to specific content.

Essential Features of a Microphone

We all to sing occasionally, including kids and teenagers, and an electronic microphone is a perfect way to enjoy singing. But buyers should ensure they go for wireless mics with high-quality stereo speakers and Bluetooth connection to use it as a speaker alternatively. However, an audio jack is also essential to connect to other devices such as laptops, and the microphone must be compatible with SD cards. Moreover, a sleek design and long battery standby are also key features.

Are Robots Worth It?

Even though robots do not seem like the ideal choice, they can be fun and interactive for kids. However, there are some things to keep in check – the first being easy to control and responsive touch and voice controls. Secondly, it is best to buy robots made of high-quality, non-toxic, and child-friendly materials for safety and durability. Additionally, a recording mode and volume adjustment controls are also essential, plus singing and dancing features can add to the fun, something a buyer must consider.

Which Sensory Toys are Best?

When it comes to sensory electronic toys, the choice includes both books and animal-shaped figurines, both of which are great for language development. However, if your main focus in education, a book might be more helpful and offer vast knowledge. But buyers should make sure the sounds are available in more than one language, and there should be some interactive features like fun fact mode and pre-recorded songs or poems. 

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