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Eyeliners can define your eyes and enhance your natural look. Gel ones come packed in a pot with a separate brush for application; they are suitable for thick cat-eye wings. Liquid ones are great for thin lines as they are available marker and bottle types. Pencil ones are great for a smudged look.

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A woman's natural appeal can be polished and signified using the right amount of makeup. Your eyes are an entrance to your heart. So, let them do the talking by applying eyeliner and highlighting your natural beauty.

The Jelly Like Gel Eyeliners:

Eyeliners are available in three types based on their application type and the result attained. Gel eyeliners come first on the list. For ladies who love to wear a cat-eye look frequently, this eyeliner is a must-try. This gel-based variant comes packed in a cute little glass pot with an application brush included with it. You get precise and neat lines every time, thanks to its thick and even consistency that glides like butter on your eyelids. But you need to cautious use your gel eyeliners as they tend to dry out quickly. For beginners in makeup application, this range may not be a great option to work with as you require a certain mastery level here.

The Chocolate Syrup Like Liquid Eyeliner:

Next on the list is a liquid eyeliner. With these, you can create thin and precise lines. This eyeliner is best for people who love the no makeup, makeup look to make a slimline without many efforts that appear close to your natural appeal but better. Liquid ones are available either in sleek bottles with a brush, and this pattern resembles the packaging of nail polish or a marker pen, one which is easy to hold and draw. There are several colours and finishes (shiny or matte) available when it comes to liquid eyeliners.

The Lovable Pencil Eyeliners:

As the name suggests, pencil eyeliners are used like a pencil to trace your upper and lower lash lines. Pencil eyeliners can be used as eyeshadows as well, and you can apply a little colour on your lids and smudge and blend it for a gorgeous eyeshadow look. You may need to sharpen your pencils as they turn blunt after every use.

Buying Guide to Terminate Your Eyeliner Hunt:

Since there are various eyeliner shades available, you need to bear in mind what makeup look you are willing to carry based on your preferences and the occasion. If you love thick lines, then you may prefer a gel variant. For thin line lovers, liquid ones are the best. Your expertise in eyeliner application can also make a lot of difference. Newbies in the makeup field should go for pencil or marker pen liquid types. Eyeliners are available with both waterproof and non-waterproof formulae. 

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