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Many people consider a person's eyes to be the most expressive feature of their face, and rightly so. Even when it comes to makeup, the main focus is usually the eyes – and although eyeliners, mascara, and kohl pencils are a great way to enhance the eyes – nothing adds the extra glam and bling like an eyeshadow. Wearing eyeshadow gives instant definition to one's eyelids while making the entire makeup look all the more attractive. Better yet, eyeshadows are an excellent product even for beginners – which makes them a popular choice among people of all age groups.

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Eyeshadows Buying Guide

If I say that eyeshadows have been around for more than ten thousand years, you will probably not believe me or think I'm exaggerating – but it is true. With the evolution of the makeup and beauty industry, the formulation of eyeshadow has also considerably evolved, and it is considered a must-have cosmetic item today. Whether you need to attend a wedding or go for a dinner date, you can never go wrong with a bit of eyeshadow. However, there are certain things a buyer must keep in check before purchasing eyeshadow – that this buying guide will point out.

Eyeshadow Palettes Vs Sticks

Even though palettes are every makeup lover's go-to choice, eyeshadow sticks are also an excellent product. The advantage of using an eyeshadow stick is that it is more convenient to use and carry – especially for days when you need constant touch-ups or re-applying on the go. Since sticks have a creamier and thicker texture, they tend to last longer than powders and gels, making them a great choice. But then again, an eyeshadow palette has more colour options and leaves more room for experimenting with different looks. Regardless, the choice depends on the buyer's personal preference and the purpose at hand.

High-Quality & Long-Lasting Formulas are a Must

Whether you buy an eyeshadow palette or stick, it is essential to ensure it has an ultra-smooth and fine texture, which is also easily blendable, so there is hardly the need for re-application or mistakes. If you are buying powdered eyeshadow, make sure it is suitable for all purposes, including priming, shadowing, defining, and highlighting. Moreover, the colours should be rich and pigmented, plus the eyeshadow should feel light on the eyes and be comfortable to wear all day. Lastly, buyers should go with eyeshadows that are long-lasting and hold for at least a minimum of 12 hours. 

Go for Trusted Brands & Clean Ingredients

When it comes to cosmetics and makeup products, using just anything on your face is never the smart thing to do. So, buyers should only prefer well-known, trusted, and professional makeup brands, even if it is something as simple as buying eyeshadow. Similarly, checking the ingredients being used is essential, and one should skip eyeshadow products that use artificial additives or chemical substances. If preferred, a buyer can go for brands that offer one hundred per cent vegan, cruelty-free, and clean eyeshadows free from parabens, phthalates, triclocarban, alcohol, and other such harsh ingredients. 

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