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Every person is unique and beautiful, then why skincare? Everyone has experienced acne and pigmentation. They are signs of an unhealthy diet and bad hygiene. Skincare is not a habit but a lifestyle. Following a proper face care routine can help you avoid skin issues, maintain youthful skin and boost your confidence.

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Skincare can sound like complex jargon; skin types, variety of products, routines, etc. Before anything else, one must know their skin type, choose the suitable product for their skin type, and finally create a routine. Beginners tend to choose the wrong products and suffer. The following article can help the buyer select products that support their skin type.

Skin type, myths and DIYs

The first step, know your skin. Oily, dry, combination and normal are the four skin types. Oily skin looks greasy and shiny. Dry looks flaky and dry. Only the T-zone is oily in combination, and normal skin is the mixture of dry and oily skin. Apart from the four, there's sensitive skin that is prone to allergies. Afraid of cost, some prefer organic skincare, like lemon, toothpaste, baking powder etc. That is a harmful practice. Lemon, toothpaste can cause acne and severe pigmentation. If you're unsure, consult your doctor about the skin care products you should use.

Skincare products

Most skincare products are suitable for all skin types. Unique products for specific skin types are also available. Ensure to read the package before buying and do a patch test before applying it all over your face. Cleansing your face comes first in any skincare routine; it removes any residual makeup and dust. Two types of cleansers, oil and foam-based, are used in double cleansing after removing heavy makeup. After cleansers, toners are applied to provide extra hydration. Serums are non-greasy oil solutions created for specific skin concerns like acne, acne marks, hydration etc. Choose one based on your skin concern. Moisturisers lock in skin hydration and should be applied twice a day. They are available in gel-based, cream-based forms. Sunscreens protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. They should be applied to your skin every day before going out.

Skincare routines for all types of skin

The regular skincare routine involves cleansing, then applying toners and serums, moisturising, and sunscreen in AM routine. The PM routine ends with moisturiser. There are also different masks, exfoliators, eye creams available for specific skin concerns. It's a must to have a patch test before applying any. Apart from skincare products, staying hydrated, having a healthy diet, maintaining good hygiene are other ways to have a clean, bright face.