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False eyelashes are tempting, no doubt, but they can seem intimidating if you know nothing about them. Knowing the different types of fake lashes and the nuances associated with each one can help you pick out the perfect lash for your night out, and this guide aims to assist you with just that!

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False Eye Lashes Buying Guide

Starting out as a cosmetic product used solely by actors, the false eyelash has made a long jump from theatre and the red carpet to every makeup aficionado's collection today. They can seem tricky to apply, and the mere thought of applying glue to eyelids is enough to freak some people out. But it is commonly acknowledged that once you master the fake eyelash, you can never go without it.

Types to choose from

Fake eyelashes are mainly of three types: Individual and Strips. Individuals are the smallest kind. They usually come in a set and can be found in varying lengths. Individual lashes allow you to build length and volume however you like. Adding a single cluster towards the end of your eye is an industry trick to achieve a cat-eye quickly. Strips are the most well-known fake eyelashes. They are easy to apply, as all of it can be put on in one go, and they instantly add volume and flair to your eyes.

What's in a lash!

Fake eyelashes can be made of natural (mink fur) or synthetic materials (plastic or faux mink). Some false lashes are made with a blend of natural silk and synthetic materials. Mink lashes are the most expensive. Synthetic lashes are cheaper but can be harder to apply. Lashes of the faux mink and silk type look the most natural.

Mesmerising and magnetic

Magnetic lashes are the newest addition to the world of falsies. They do not require lash glue and are therefore much easier to apply than traditional false eyelashes. To apply magnetic lashes, you have to sandwich them in between your natural eyelashes. The fake lashes will stick on with the help of micromagnets. Since there is no need for lash glue, magnetic lashes are easier to remove and reusable.

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