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False nail tips can be labelled as a perfect choice as it lasts for around two weeks and is an affordable way of glamming your nails. It can be easily applied and maintained. It does not make your nails frangible. It can accomplish your outfit for an outing, wedding ceremony or any other occasion.

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When you are a fan of long nails and equally lazy when it comes to maintenance then opting false nails is not a bad idea. It is an attractive way of pampering your nails. It enables you to flaunt your personality through your nails. You can choose any colour, style or shape according to your outfit.

When you are all set to leave for an occasion but your nails are spoiling your entire look, then false nails come forward as an escape. This an easy and quick method of hiding your chipped and white nails. People also go for nail extensions but it has pros and cons.

Nail Extension vs False Nail Tips

The trend of embellishing nails is not new. It has been prevailing for years. People have come up with different methods of doing so. They include nail arts, nail extensions and using false nails. Nail art can be safely conducted on natural nails and false nails. But nail extension is a hectic task. It lasts for 3-4 weeks and costs you more than INR 2000. While a pack of false nails can be bought for less than INR 100.

Nail extension is costlier than false nail tips. Using the false nails is an affordable method of adding spice to your look. Nail extensions can harm your original nail bed but there is no such risk in using false nail tips. However, if you go for good-quality material of extension it is not a bad idea. Nail extension is a time-consuming process. Before going for nail extensions be prepared for spending a lot of time and money on it. You don’t need a professional nail technician for using false nails but you need them for nail extensions. 

How to use False Nails?

It is not a big deal to apply and file false nails. It lasts for two weeks or less or more depending on the quality of false nails you bought. Before applying fake nails perform a mini manicure session. After that trim and file your nails properly. Now, push your cuticles using an orange stick and then buff your nails. Now take out your glue and spread it on your real nail and put the glue on the artificial nail. Then carefully place the fake nail on your real nail. Press it and hold for ten seconds. Make sure that the nail is set firmly.

Types of False Nails Available

There is not a single type of fake nail available in the market. The different types of fake nails available include gel nails, acrylic nails, wrap nails and others. You can conduct research to choose the best one for you. Although acrylic nails are considered best you should buy according to your requirement.

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