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Feeding bottles are a great way to nourish your baby. You can use these bottles at home or while travelling to feed the baby. However, in the beginning, it can get a little tricky. So you will need the best feeding bottle for your little one. With many types, sizes, and designs, finding the perfect bottle will not be easy.

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Feeding Bottles Buying Guide

Feeding a baby can be a little challenging sometimes. But with a feeding bottle, it gets a little easier. These bottles give the mother a break and even let you know how much the baby is drinking every day. Moreover, you can store the milk while travelling and feed the baby whenever they feel hungry. You have to check carefully to know which bottle is best for your baby. First-time parents usually have dozens of questions regarding the feeding bottle. This guide answers their queries and helps them select the best feeding bottle for their little one.  

Material of the bottle 

Material is the most crucial element to check before buying a feeding bottle. Some of the common materials used to make these bottles are plastic, steel, glass, and silicone. You should look for a bottle that uses a BPA-free material to protect your baby from infections. Glass bottles are a great choice, but you have to use them carefully as they can shatter if not handled properly. On the other hand, silicone ones are lighter and easy to hold for the baby. 

Size and Volume 

You should choose the size of the feeding bottle according to the age of your baby. A small bottle would suffice for 2-4 months old newborns. As they grow, you will have to buy a larger size to feed them. Make sure you give them the appropriate amount of milk at regular intervals, or you might end up over-feeding them.  

Easy to clean

You have to clean the bottle after feeding the baby. So, buy a bottle that is easy to clean and are suitable for travelling. You should be able to wash every part of the bottle, including the neck, nipple, cap, etc., before you refill it.     

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