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Fermented drinks are an age-old recipe that does only good for your body. These drinks have come into the trend in the past few years. You can see these drinks in the market today labelled as kombucha. There are many flavours available. Let us give you the light to buying the right drink.

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Fermented Drinks Buying Guide

Kombucha or fermented drinks are fermented sweet tea using yeast or other live cultures, namely SCOBY. These drinks have low calories and are now trending in fitness industries. You have to look for specific ingredients and features before buying to avoid any damage. Why waiting? Go ahead and start reading.

Where is it brewed, and how is it fermented?

Most of the fermented drinks like kombucha are fermented in plastic and steel. But, traditionally, these have to be brewed in a glass container to preserve the drink's health and taste. If it were brewed in any materials like plastic and steel, it would develop leaching, making the drink taste worse. So, look for drinks that are brewed in the glass. The second consideration is the fermentation type. If your drink has a naturally fermented label on your drink, then no further doubt. Go for it. The natural fermentation takes many weeks to complete and is healthy.

Is your drink raw?

If you don't like drinking raw fermented drinks, then you probably have to practice it. Because the rawness of the fermented beverages is healthy and if the drink is pasteurised to be safe, you are merely drinking soda water. So, go for raw fermented drinks. If your drink has any numbers on the label regarding the probiotic count, then do not buy because the drinks might have supplements.

Look at the primary ingredients

The four primary ingredients of your fermented drinks are tea, sugar, culture, and water. There are also other flavour agents like ginger, fruits, and more. But, if your drink says sugar-free, then they are probably trying to have bait on you. Sugar is the only ingredient responsible for the fermentation. If there is no sugar, then how is it even a fermented drink? Also, if there is more sweetness, they have probably added artificial flavours. Look for it too. Try to avoid drinks with artificial sweeteners.

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