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It is said that humanity has been adopting the mechanism of fermentation in our food ever since the New Stone Age. Since then, we have been perfecting this naturally occurring phenomenon, which has led to the creation of many recipes the entire world adores. In fact, many of our staple items like bread wouldn't exist had fermentation wasn't explored. Many delicious and healthy foods can only be made with the help of fermentation, and for that, many beneficial microorganisms, broadly called fermenters, may be required. Read on to learn more!

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Why ferment?

There are many benefits to having fermented food. The most important is that they are densely packed in probiotics, the good kind of bacteria that help maintain a robust gut so that it can extract all the nutrients from the food we consume. A healthy gut ensures healthy digestion, which is fundamental to one's overall health. Let’s explore some of the packaged bacteria readily available in the market that can ferment various ingredients.

It’s all the good stuff!

For the people who would like to brew some good old rice wine at home, rice wine leaven powder is a good option. It is available as concentrated koji, a Chinese formula made of rice, soya, and various other ingredients. Only a small amount is required in making a substantial amount of wine. Turbo yeast, a specialized formula derived from wine maker's yeasts, can be used as a base for making your own liquor of various kinds at home.

Scoby kombucha is a thick and cloudy clump that enables the fermentation process for a widely enjoyed beverage called Kombucha tea. It is full of flavours and is a great option for people who may like to experiment with their teas. The consumption of Kombucha help reduce cholesterol levels, improves immunity, and aid in weight loss.

Kefir grains are made with fresh dairy or vegan milk. It is another fermenter that makes a good beverage that can also be incorporated with many different recipes. Leavening milk or other substitutes with kefir grains gives a yoghurt-like substance that is consumed plain or added to smoothies, salads, etc. This impeccable set of grains can be used to ferment plenty of milk again and again. One just needs to sieve it out after each fermentation process.

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