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A fife is a type of musical instrument basically an aero-phone which is high-pitched and small in size which can be used properly. It is similar to a flute but is cylindrically bored transverse in shape and size. It consists of six finger holes with no keys that produce a high pitch and shrill tone.

Fifes Buying Guide

A fife is one of the musical instruments similar to flute containing six finger holes and a narrow cylindrical bore that is useful for creating a high pitch and a shrill tone. They are usually used in drum corps, military troops and marching bands, thus, hold immense importance. Thus, utmost care must be taken while purchasing them. Fifes produce sweet tones and whistles that are mesmerising to hear and make. This comprehensive guide aims to enlist certain essential features that you are supposed to look for while buying fifes.

C and D tuning

First of all, fifes come in two types of tuning; C and D tuning useful for creating beautiful sounds and high tone pitches. Thus, you need to restrict between C and D tuning before you purchase a fife for you. So, you must decide the right one according to the customers' needs and expectations.

Pennywhistle sweet tone

A fife is a musical instrument that produces musical sounds of various types that treat the ears. Many fifes produce penny whistle and sweet tone which no other musical instrument can afford. Thus, to have mesmerising and sweet tones, you need to purchase the right fife for you.

The single instrument for beginners

Fife is the best instrument to produce beautiful musical notes. It is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to make mesmerising tones and whistles. The excellent tuning and intonation of the fife are essential to be looked upon. Fifes are essential musical instruments that are needed by various military march bands.

Bag and fingering chart

The fife musical instrument comes with a bag and a fingering chart to help you step by step on playing tunes on it. These fingering charts are essential to understand how to produce excellent tuning and intonation and produce sweet whistles and tones.

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