Top 12 Filter, Regulator & Lubricator Combos

Any transport or event generally consists of a conditioning system to assist with the temperature. The conditioning systems need to be cleaned and maintained regularly for the sake of hygiene. The compressors exist within the conditioning systems to provide a safer output. The filter is a combination of three tools, namely, filter regulator and lubricator.

Filter, Regulator & Lubricator Combos Buying Guide

A filter, regulator and lubricator system work together within a filter to provide a safe output. It is not uncommon to find the system coupled with a pressure regulator to regulate the air pressure in the room. However, with the different types of filter, regulator and lubricators in the market, the buyer may get confused. This guide, therefore, aims to assist the buyer in investing in the most suitable system.

The Most Suitable Filters

A filter is mainly responsible for cleaning the air. It grabs the solids and other small impurities in the air and cleans the dust particles. The buyer needs to choose between the different types of filters based on their needs. The different types of filters are general-purpose, coalescing and vapour removal. The filters are responsible for all-purpose, oil removal and vapour removal, respectively. 

Finding The Perfect Regulator 

Regulators are responsible for controlling the air pressure. Ideally, a regulator should maintain a constant output pressure. The buyer must narrow down the most suitable regulators for them. The different types of regulators are poppet-style valves, diaphragm chambers and balanced poppet valves.

Choosing The Best Lubricator

A lubricator serves a vital function in a conditioning system. It is responsible for adding controlled amounts of oil in the system to avoid any friction within the system components. The system is also susceptible to developing vapours. This issue is also handled by the lubricator. The buyer must decide between the types of lubricators based on their needs. The two different types of lubricators are oil fog and micro fog. Both of them are responsible for single tools and multiple tools, respectively.