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Children love finger puppets. They are cute and entertaining. You can use them to distract children, keep them busy, or tell stories. Select well-made ones to make sure your child has a fun and safe time with them.

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Finger Puppets Buying Guide

Finger puppets have been a significant part of most people's childhood. At the very least, you sure drew faces and eyebrows and different expressions on your fingertips and made them have a conversation with each other. Well, now, for the children in your life, you can simply get finger puppets. Put on the cute, colourful characters on your fingers and keep the kids distracted or engaged. For example, you can use them when they take a bath to make sure that they don't create a ruckus; you can use them to tell stories to the kids and stroke their imagination. You can also use them as an educational medium – tell them stories with lessons or teach them what to do when a room catches fire using your finger puppets.

The fit of the puppets

Check the size and fit of the puppets. They should fit on your fingers snugly and not keep slipping off. Most have an elastic loop attached to the bottom, which stretches with your fingers and keeps the puppets in place. The size will tell you if they will fit your fingers. Some puppets are sized averagely and will work for both children and adults. Some, however, are obviously small and made for kids only. Consider who will use the finger puppets the most, and shop for them.

Soft to touch, safe for use

Examine what the finger puppets are made of. Some are made of velvet fabric of good quality, which is soft to touch; then, they are filled with cotton. Make sure the puppets have no loose, hanging threads; the stitching should be good. Big seams are helpful. Also, make sure that they don't smell foul. Finger puppets made of soft plush are very comfortable and safe too. You can even find puppets made of plastic; make sure that it is latex-free. The plastic ones tend to be durable.

Keeping them clean

Children tend to put everything inside their mouths and not be concerned about their health in general, so it is our responsibility to keep everything they use clean and hygienic. How easy washing or cleaning them will depend on what the finger puppets are made of. Plastic puppets, for instance, are pretty easy to clean and wash; you can dry-clean them or even wash them with water. Other fabrics might not be so easy to keep clean. It's better to choose ones that repel dust.  Dirty finger puppets are unhygienic and might smell.

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