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You might have often confused a fingertip towel from a hand towel. They are smaller than a hand towel and slightly bigger than a face towel. 11x18 inches is the standard dimension of a fingertip towel. You can find each fabric in multiple varieties of organic range, textures, weaves and blend.

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Fingertip towels are more about novelty and decoration: they can be neatly stacked in the guest’s bathroom or on the dining table where finger bowls are used before and after dinner. 

Traditoinal and relaible cotton towels

Cotton is the most obvious choice for towels due to its absorbing power. They are used in hotels and spas as luxury assistance. Egyptian cotton has longer fibre that absorbs the moisture well. Turkish cotton towels are fluffy, soft and durable at the same time. The organic cotton towel is made with a yarn grown in the absence of harmful fertilisers and pesticides, making it ideal for sensitive skin and suitable adults and kids.

Get more extra with Linen

Linen towels are durable and dry faster than cotton. They can be used a number of times without washing as they don’t develop odour caused by traditional cotton towels. Linen is lighter in weight and doesn’t let dirt or debris accumulate on itself.

Microfibre and Bamboo towels

Microfiber towels are made from a polyester blend which forms a highly absorbent fabric. They are strong and more durable than towels made of natural material. Microfiber can be compactly folded or rolled, which makes them easy to stack. Bamboo fibres are hypoallergic that are collected from non-fertilised plants. They are extremely soft and can absorb even mild dew efficiently.

Regular Terry or novel jacquard weave

The type of weave ultimately depends on what you fundamentally intend to do with the towel. Terry is the most commonly seen weave used in towels. The thick and uncut large loops of thread results in effective absorbency. Loops increase the surface area, and the more surface area, the greater absorbancy the towel provides. Jacquard towels have woven patterns that form a luxurious look. They are made of jacquard loom blended with other material such as polyester, cotton, silk and even acrylic.

Other types of weave that can rest your hunt

Velour weave is formed by loops of shredded fibre that creates a softer and pushy texture. They are known for their characteristic velvety look and silky touch. Velour towels are stretchy, flexible and more resistant to wrinkle. A waffle-weave resembles a waffle in appearance due to the small square pattern. Waffle patterned towel removes dirt and even food particles effortlessly due to the slightly rough texture. They are made of either cotton or microfiber, which gives fast-drying qualities. 

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