Top 12 Fire Pit Covers

Firepit covers are sheets applied over the fire pits like BBQ stoves to protect them from damage caused by moisture and sunlight. Firepits are usually made of ferrous metals, making them prone to rust. Moreover, the winds can cause erosion of the pit’s surface, which leads to discolouration. Hence, fire pits must be covered.

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Fire Pit Covers Buying Guide

Firepits are usually metallic circular boxes made of heavy metals in which firewood can be kept, and a fire can be lit. Since the fire is lit in a deep, circular box, the firepit prevents the fire from spreading. The uses of a firepit are mostly aesthetic and are typically kept in the backyard to recreate a camping experience. Usually, bacon or marshmallows are attached to a skewer to cook over the firepit. However, once the fire is put out and the firepit cools down, they need to be covered to prevent them from rusting and discolouration.

Key reasons for using firepits

One of the primary reasons to cover a firepit with a firepit cover is to prevent its surface from eroding so that the structural integrity of the firepit remains sturdy. Secondly, it is crucial to prevent moisture from ever touching the interior surface because fire can only be lit in the firepit if the surface is dry. Moist surfaces cannot provide a good atmosphere for lighting fire. Finally, firepit covers can prevent any residual sparks from reaching furniture and prevent accidental fires. It is strongly recommended to cover fire pits with fire pit covers in light of the above reasons.

Ensure fabric quality before purchasing

The fire pit cover is entirely made of fireproof and waterproof material. However, in certain poor quality fire pits, the fabric is made of cheap material that can barely keep out excess moisture. These fabrics do the exact damage to the firepit, which they are meant to prevent. While many plastic fabrics are available in the market, the best fabric is polyester, especially the 600D heavy-duty polyester fabric. These heavy-duty fabrics completely cut off moisture from seeping into the firepit, thereby ensuring their long life. Moreover, the fabric themselves tend to last a very long time.

Why are air vents important?

As observed before, fires can be lit inside fire pits only when it is completely dry. A fire pit must essentially do two things: prevent moisture from entering the fire pit and allow residual moisture to evaporate away and escape. Hence, if the residual moisture is not allowed to escape, the moisture can erode the surface. Hence, when buying fire pits, one must always look for the presence of air vents. Typically, two air vents are more than sufficient to keep the fire pit ventilated and ensure a decent amount of internal air circulation.