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Utilised for communication and transmission of data, flat ribbon cables can be found being used as internal wiring in appliances. They are implemented in digital cameras and camcorders, LCD monitors, lights and motor cables, PC motherboard and other electronic systems. Flat ribbon cables play a major role in ensuring that the system functions smoothly. Hence, choose one with care. You can consider certain factors that will help you find the perfect flat ribbon cables.

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Flat Ribbon Cables Buying Guide

Flat ribbon cables have been a favourite in the data communications industry for ages. They are an indispensable computer component. One edge of the cable is generally marked with a red stripe to lessen the threat of reversed connections. They are used to connect two devices and can often be found on hard drives, floppy drives and CD drives. While looking for flat ribbon cables, keep a few factors in mind, and you will not regret your purchase.

Flat ribbon construction

Make sure it is made of high-grade elements like copper that are safe to use and long-lasting. Plenty of cables are made of heat-resistant PVC too. Check if it is resistant to acid, alkali, moisture, and oil. Bonus points if the ribbon cable can pass tests like the vertical flame test of CSA FT1 and UL VW-1.

Is effortless insertion possible? 

Flat ribbon cables are usually thin. Some brands use stiffener to support the end of the cable. That way, insertion of the cable becomes easier. It provides the cable relief from strain and reduces voltage too. However, the stiffener can make the cable somewhat thicker.

How convenient is it?

A variety of colours makes the task of separating the cables more convenient. It improves the degree of discernment and makes your work more efficient. For clear terminations with standard wire connectors, pins and jacks, choose a flat cable that separates with ease.

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