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Magnets are an essential part of our day-to-day lives serving as an important component in gadgets like laptops, microwave, electric motors etc. Since they are built into these devices, we often don't realise their existence. On the other hand, flexible magnets are supremely versatile, easy to use & manipulate according to your design specifications.

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Flexible magnets can be precisely cut, turned, twisted to serve varied surfaces & articles. Additionally, you do not require to take any special precautions to safeguard the magnetic surface. They are perfect for applications where extra magnetic strength is not required. They are a treat for the DIY enthusiasts & will help in significantly enhancing their home beautifying projects.

Ornamenting office & home

Some cool office displays are available in flexible magnets that can hold up to six A4 size paper sheets. They come in several attractive colours, shapes with a glossy finish & can be stuck on the noticeboard or fridge. They will add a contemporary touch to your office or home decor. There are 'keep calm' flexible magnets that are a delight to the eyes. They can be stuck on cars or caravans as they are waterproof & UV resistant, ensuring a longer useful life. There are dog themed ones that can be an ideal gift to your pet lover friend.

Aesthetic charm for art & craft

Flexible magnets can sprinkle the right, artistic flavours to your paper crafting ideas. They are self-adhesive & can be easily cut using scissors. It is advisable to use them under adult supervision as they do pose a choking hazard. Some have a glossy exterior on which you can write using a marker pen. They are well suited for making floor plans & other presentation or educational projects.

Used in commercial & industrial areas

There are flexible magnets offered in sheets & strips that can be used for labelling & commercial signage. They work well in creating removable labels and are handy for laboratories, warehouses, drug stores etc. Different flexible magnets have varied holding strengths & therefore choose the one that is, best suited to your area of application.

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