Top 12 Flow Switches

The flow switches are used in machinery to detect the flow of air or water. The switch is propelled when air or water flow is detected. They are used in pipes to perceive the flow rate of liquid; if it is too high or low, it triggers an alarm warning of the speed of the fluid. Temperature and pressure can also be detected with the help of flow switches.

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Flow Switches Buying Guide

The flow switches are used in various applications. They are designed to be able to monitor the air or water flow. If the water flow is accelerated in pipes, the switches trigger an alarm to protect the pump. The flow switch comes with a sensor that sends an electrical signal to trigger the alarm. This guide helps the buyer buy a good quality flow switch.

Working of flow switch

The flow switch is built-in with a paddle or magnetic trigger connected to an electric circuit. Then it is placed in the channel where the flow needs to be detected. When the paddle gets displaced, it sends the signal to a transducer. The transducer sends the call to a transmitter which translates the raw signal into readable format. This format is compared with the pre-set parameters, and finally, the alert is sent.

Flow switch types

Flow switches are available in different types. In the paddle type, the flow switch consists of a hanging paddle. The flow rate is determined by the movement of the paddle triggering the alarm. In the piston type, a magnet is placed in the direction of flow. The switch monitors the position of the manet. If the magnet moves far from its position, the signal is triggered.

Things to look for inflow switch

The type of media plays an important role. Switches made of brass or bronze are used in water pipes due to their non-corrosive nature. Plastic switches can withstand cold and hot conditions since, unlike metals, they don't expand or contract. It should withstand extreme pressure. The switch should fit over the pipe, so make sure to buy a switch of the correct size.

Applications of flow switches

Aside from the flow rate, flow switches can also detect the temperature and pressure of the input. They are used in industrial pumps, where the temperature of the chemicals should be mentioned at a specific temperature. If there's a change, it triggers and thus saves lives. It is also used in industries where hygiene is a must. They use custom made flow switches that can detect infections. Flow switches are also used in showerheads, jacuzzies, ovens etc.